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The MOD Civilian Race Survey to is now live and all civilians in the MOD (regardless of ethnicity) are encouraged to complete it. It will remain open until 19 January:

The survey arose as a result of work with staff networks that identified a gap in terms of understanding issues around the impact of race in MOD. This survey will highlight the challenges faced by BAME staff in regards to workplace culture and career progression and identify any difference in responses from colleagues with the same backgrounds.

This survey is sponsored by Andy Helliwell, MOD Race Champion and supports his key priorities. Evidence gathered will also support the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) team in taking forward projects under the Defence and importantly, Civil Service D&I Strategy, where race is a focus area. 


Make sure you read this guide first so you don't fall foul of unscrupulous dealers who may sell you a car not fit for purpose and without the correct documentation. The BFC Code of Conduct has been signed by several car dealerships - make sure you know who they are before buying.



The RAF Benevolent Fund (RAFBF), the RAF’s leading welfare charity, would like to better understand the key welfare needs of RAF personnel, reservists and their families.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Your answers will help the RABFB tailor its support to effectively meet the needs of the RAF now and in the future.
At the end of the survey you’ll have an opportunity to enter a prize draw to win £500, with 75 runner up prizes ranging from £20 - £100 in Amazon vouchers.
The station with the highest proportion of responses will also win a grant of £15k to meet a welfare need on that station.

Complete the survey by clicking here or copy and paste the URL into your browser: If accessing through Dii, please open in Chrome!!

For any issues with the survey, please email

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Letter to Parents

Entertainer 2018 - Special price and Competition

Cosmos Wireless

HIVE Competition Winner

We are pleased to announce Sarah Cooper as the winner of the HIVE Competition that was held on the 1st of December, 2017.

Question was  "How many HIVE centres are there in Cyprus?"    Answer is 5.

We'd like to say a big thanks to everyone for participating!


Meet your new AFF WSBA Co-ordinator! 
Carolyn will be at Akrotiri Hive on Mondays from 11:00 - 12:00.

On Thursdays from 10:00 - 11:00 you will find Carolyn at Episkopi Hive.
You will also see Carolyn out and about at other community events. Please pop along and say hello or drop Carolyn an email using the details below.

“If you have any issues or concerns then please feel free to contact your Army Families Federation (AFF) Coordinator, Carolyn Aggar. For more information on AFF and how they can help you, please see”

Monday, 11 December 2017


Following the recent on site visit by the LOA review team from the UK, the revised rates of Local Overseas Allowance is to be introduced with effect from 1 January 2018. These rates are based on the current Forces Fixed Rate of Exchange of 1.11 Euros to the £.

With the cost of living rising in the UK and staying around the same in Cyprus there will be a decrease in LOA (see this attached document for rates). The new rates are compared to the last major review, which took place in 2011. 

Friday, 8 December 2017

Episkopi Gymnasium - Free Internet

Episkopi Gymnasium now has Free Internet provided by COSMOS, Hotspots allow coverage for the Cardio Room, Main gym floor, Offices as well as Weights Room.
Login details can be obtained at the gym main office

Thursday, 7 December 2017

CESSAC Episkopi New Shop Hours

SSAFA Young Achievers Award 2017

Press release - Does the Army Families' 'Offer' meet the needs of the modern Army family?

Does the Army Families' 'Offer' meet the needs of the modern Army family?

The Army Families Federation (AFF) is appealing to all Army families to take their latest survey and say whether they feel the package offered to them eases the impact that Service life can have. 

How much do families know?

The charity is exploring various elements of the current package, or 'Offer' available to families, and how they translate to Army family life. This includes how aware families are of policies such as subsidised military housing, educational allowances, and healthcare policies such as support with assisted conception.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017


1. Due to the expected changeover of the RIB in the summer of 2018, there will be significantly higher movement than normal over the summer period. In preparation for this, we require an expected end of tour date for each (NON RIB) household.
2. Please contact Housing Office to provide details of your expected end of tour date.
3. If you do not form part of the RIB but are expecting to move in the summer of 2018, please engage with this office early as there will be limited availability/flexibility during the height of the changeover. Where possible it is advised to move outside of this period.
4. Thank you all in advance for your support and co-operation.

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BFC Safeguarding Children


If you’re a motorist then you’ll know how difficult it can sometimes be to see pedestrians wearing dark clothes at night or when visibility is poor. Your child will have been learning the road safety message ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ at school, and it’s important that you as a parent or carer help your child to be easily seen near traffic. This is an issue for all children, especially as many school uniforms are dark. Most primary schools don’t have rules about outer garments, so selecting a bright coat can help, as can providing fluorescent and reflective armbands, school bags etc.
How can my child be seen more easily?

Press Release - Army spouses to be the focus for new AFF employment project

Army spouses to be the focus for new AFF employment project

The Army Families Federation is delighted to announce a new Employment Research project in partnership with the Institute for Employment Research (IER) at the University of Warwick.

After a competitive tender process, the charity has chosen Warwick to conduct research into the real and perceived barriers to employment for Army families. This highly regarded institution will be conducting surveys and interviews with Army spouses and key stakeholders to find out more about the support needed to assist military families into fulfilling careers.


In September, Public Health England reported three cases of malaria amongst UK residents who all travelled to a resort in Ayios Amvrosios in the Esentepe area of the Northern part of Cyprus. Esentepe is east of Kyrenia.
It has still not yet been proven if they caught the illness in the Northern part of Cyprus or elsewhere. The last locally recorded cases of malaria in Cyprus were in 1967.


Cyclists should wear:
· A cycle helmet which conforms to current regulations, is the correct size and securely fastened;
· Appropriate clothes for cycling. Avoid clothes which may get tangled in the chain, or in a wheel or may obscure your lights;
· Light-coloured or fluorescent clothing which helps other road users to see you in daylight and poor light;
· Reflective clothing and/or accessories (belt, arm or ankle bands) in the dark.


Does someone in your family have Limited Dependancy Status? They may now apply for employment through LEHR and become UKD’s.

Individuals wishing to apply for employment opportunities should, in the first instance, visit their local Fiscal Office to be re-issued Status Stamps that will note their eligibility for employment. 

Friday, 17 November 2017


 Happy Valley is now open as a dog walking area. However there are restrictions,

-Dogs are to be leashed at all times (no free running)
-Dogs are to be registered with the CSO Office and wearing ID Tags
-Dogs are not allowed on grassed areas
-Dogs are not allowed on the beaches 
-Any fouling is to be picked up and placed in the appropriate bins around the area
-Abide by the notice boards
-Please respect this facility as it's a popular exercise location used by numerous people.

If not respected then the dog walking facility will be revoked by Order of the Station Commander.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

St.John Ambulance

Army Families Federation - Free childcare entitlement in overseas locations

Are you posted overseas with children who are three or four years old? The MOD has published a document giving information about free childcare entitlement in overseas locations. Read our summary to find out if you’re eligible to apply at

Warrior Fitness Competition

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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Drop in Sessions

Experience a Veteran's Reality

Help them fight the invisible enemy..

Air Cadets

Air Cadets meet at RAF Akrotiri on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 1800-2030. They can take cadets from aged 12 in year 8 up to 18 years old.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

AFF - Further/Higher Education

Click here to take their survey or to find out more, click here


Struggling to find the motivation to train over the long winter months?   Then sign up for the BFC Winter Road Race Series held in Dhekelia Garrison from Nov 17 through to Mar 18.  Whether you are a budding Froomey or a weekend coffee shop cyclist it does not matter as the event caters for all standards and your cycling will improve as a result of racing.


Starting on October 27, the Cyprus Mail will begin publishing a Bases page inside every Friday edition of the paper. In order for this to be a success, the BFC community are encouraged to submit story ideas, or the completed product with images, to the BFC Internal Comm’s mailbox. 


A  HR newsletter aimed primarily LEC staff, but also of  relevance to all employees within the BFC community has been launched.    
Its primary purpose is to improve communications between Human Resources and the LEC civilian workforce by providing up to date news on the issues that affect civilian staff and line managers.  
Currently,  there are plans to produce the newsletter on a monthly basis, with additional issues should important matters arise.  

If you have feedback or have any queries, please email Julie Walker, Head of Engagement’


On Saturday  September 30th SSAFA Branch Cyprus held their 23 Cyprus open at the JSGC( Episkopi) Cyprus. 60 players took part, playing a 4 ball better ball competition, for men's pairs, ladies pairs and mixed pairs on a beautiful day full of Cyprus sunshine.

The results were proceeded by an auction. Where the top item of two return tickets to the UK had been donated by COBALT Airline Larnaca.

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Please can all person's be aware that Cinema Club Passes may have expired. Can you please check your expiry dates.
Episkopi Cinema passes can be renewed at The Hive or in Regimental Accounts in E Block.
The Cinema passes have increased this year please see below prices;
Cinema Cards Rates
Per Entitled personnel per year - €15.00
Family card per year - €40.00

Friday, 29 September 2017


Mail Delivery Update


1.         Due to the on-going relief efforts in the Caribbean, airfreight capacity to BFC has temporarily been reduced. As a result air mail deliveries will be affected.  Current mail in the system is expected to experience a delay of at least 7 days.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

SODEXO Helpdesk

Did you know that Sodexo provides you with a central point of contact?

For any positive or negative comments, suggestions, general information regarding their services please communicate directly with their Sodexo Helpdesk on or you may call on 25852300.

Let them know how they are doing; your opinion counts!

Friday, 22 September 2017

COMMUNITY NOTICE - Please see notice from JSHU pest control

They have had instances where personnel have been requesting private contractors to carry out pest control activities on camp (not necessarily on Epi Stn) but luckily enough they were denied entry by SFP.
The Joint Services Health Unit are responsible for the provision of pest controls services across the BFC estate. This service covers workplaces, SFA and SLA and extends to some areas outside of the camps in the SBA for large scale control programmes.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Plastic Bottle Top Charity


For those that weren’t aware Sodexo have a means of communication available to everyone to allow feedback both positive and negative to allow them to improve their services.

As valued customers, they would like feedback regarding such ventures as the recently opened pizza delivery service from the “Snug Pool bar” in Episkopi or any other facilities provided.

Aphrodite Hills British Base offer

Friday, 15 September 2017


Please be aware that due to changes within the Episkopi Post Office, the opening times for the HQ BFC Post Room in C Block, Episkopi will now be 12:00 – 12:45.
If you would like to discuss why the changes have been made please contact Matt Belton on 2596 3432.

They apologise for any inconvenience caused.



The pool club, which is now open 7 days a week,  will be offering nearly 200 new product lines to the pool club range including baby-care, toiletries, medicines, ice creams and grocery items.
For ease of purchase,  the club will open its  side shutter so customers can purchase retail items without entering the bar.


Costcutter has invested £18,000 in energy efficient fridges to offer customers an new exciting range of chilled and frozen foods.  These include pre-prepared salads and yoghurt ranges and new frozen vegan Linda McCartney products.


The claiming of the MOD Flight allowance is to help assist personnel in the cost of booking a return flight to the UK, as at 01 Oct 17 the current rate is £343 per person.  You can only claim the current rate at the time of your flight, not when you book it.  The rules on claiming are laid down in JSP 752, Part 1, Para 01.0108.  If you are unsure when making you claim contact your Unit Admin Office for assistance.

River Island, Muscle Food, Dell and more from DDS

Dance Academy

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Press Release - Families Federations seek vital transition feedback from military families

Press release – 5 September 2017
Families Federations seek vital transition feedback from military families

The Naval, Army and RAF Families Federations have today launched their joint Transition Survey.

The federations are inviting military families to take part in sharing their views and experiences to help make a difference to Forces families.

Taekwon-Do - Episkopi

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Snake Awareness Leaflet


2017DIN08-007 sets out the current charging rates for Concessionary travel bookings on MOD operated aircraft. With immediate effect, the fees for concessionary travel between Cyprus and the UK will be as below:
Total Rate
Brize Norton to Akrotiri
Akrotiri to
Brize Norton

Air Passenger Duty (APD) is the excise duty charged to passengers over 12 who fly from a UK airport.  This is controlled by HM Treasury and is currently zero for military registered aircraft departing from military airports. For civil registered aircraft travelling to Cyprus the charge is £13.

Friday, 4 August 2017


ALL first timeapplications for Dependency (Status Stamp) must be submitted through the Families Section, Abbeywood.  Full details can be found within the BFC Arrivals guide on the BFC Intranet Page and on the website.


All occupants are to be reminded that SFA is MOD property All occupants (military and civilian) must obtain permission to install an encroachment in their SFA such as air conditioning. In general, permission will not be granted to install permanent encroachments such as patios as the MOD does not have funding to repair or remove structures when they fail.

Tennis Academy

Thursday, 27 July 2017

COMMUNITY NOTICE - Volunteers needed at the Cinema Club

It has been almost a year since the Episkopi Station cinema club started. It has welcomed almost 2000 cinema goers to 50 new release films in that time. The cinema club relies on a team of Volunteers to run the showings.

Friday, 21 July 2017


Paphos Bar Street is Out of Bounds to all BFC military personnel with effect from 1700 hrs 21 Jul 17 until 0900 hrs 24 Jul 17.

The Cyprus Joint Police Unit (CJPU) will be actively policing this restriction.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

AFF secures better access to student loans for Army spouses and partners

The Army Families Federation (AFF) is celebrating a change to Student Finance England's loan qualifying criteria, which will allow more Army families to access a loan when undertaking a UK based course.

As of 1 August 2017, families posted overseas who wish to undertake a qualifying UK based university or college course can now access a loan via Student Finance England even if they are not in the UK on the first day of their chosen course. This applies to both full and part time courses.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

National Insurance Record

If you’ve spent time accompanying your soldier on an overseas posting anytime since 1975, you could be entitled to National Insurance credits. However, since the introduction of these credits, AFF is aware that many spouses have not taken advantage of this opportunity to fill any gaps they may have in their record.

Reading Force

We're VERY pleased to offer Forces families a special discount on subscriptions of the PHOENIX COMIC!
This is for families in the UK AND overseas - follow the links below for your free sample of the Phoenix comic and to see offer details:

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Advice for responding to suspected hostile reconnaissance at BFC/ SBAA sites.  The threat from espionage and international terrorism means that UK interests, here and elsewhere, are increasingly likely to become targets.  These groups very often undertake some form of reconnaissance prior to carrying out an attack. 

Reminder to all users of SBA designated Sea Bathing areas

The Sea Bathing Areas are marked with orange buoys, which begin to be deployed from 1st May 2017 and will mark the areas until 31st October 2017. 

Swimmers using the designated areas outside these dates or swimming outside the designated safe areas, do so at their own risk.

AFF achieves housing success on behalf of Army families

The Army Families Federation (AFF) is celebrating a success for those living in Service Family Accommodation (SFA) who have recently faced unfair increases to their accommodation charge.

Many families contacted AFF to say their rental charge or final charge had unexpectedly increased by an unreasonable amount without proper notice and without a chance to appeal.

Friday, 30 June 2017

The Royal British Legions CivvyStreet Service

I am just reminding all providers who may deal with service leavers, veterans, reservist and their dependents about CivvyStreet. 


Due to a policy change, with immediate effect, all BFPO Counters will be closed on the last working day of the month to carry out accounting procedures and will not reopen until the first working day of the following month.  The opening hours on the first working day will differ for each FPO due to RAO timings and it is advised to check with your local office for the exact timings.  Personnel are strongly advised to make alternative Postal and Banking arrangements over this period.