Friday, 29 July 2016

Friday, 22 July 2016

Episkopi Early Years

Episkopi Early Years

Aphrodites Bra Chain

You can drop off your unwanted Bra's in Episkopi HIVE,Dodge City during opening hours, Mon-Fri 0800-1300hrs.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Service Family Accommodation (SFA) Security When Away From The Home

 All personnel occupying SFA should be aware that if your fire alarm is activated when you are away from the house for an extended period of time the emergency services may be called out. 

The revised procedure for this authorises the Station Duty Officer (SDO) to let the fire brigade force entry to the SFA to enable them to check for fire. CJPU, SDO and CSP will be in attendance and the house will be made secure again by a CSP tradesman.
Occupants are advised when leaving their SFA for an extended period of time to leave a key with a friend or neighbour and a telephone number on a rear door so that they can be contacted in an emergency.

The Fiscal Office

The Fiscal Officer, as head of SBA Customs and Immigration, has responsibility for a wide range of tasks that extend beyond those normally associated with a customs and immigration service. These include matters relating to external border control, direct and indirect taxation, and more diverse subjects such as registrar of births and deaths.
See the link here for the guide to ‘Duty-Free Goods for Personal Use’ or go to _goods.pdf 

Please contact your local SBA Customs office if you have any questions in relation to Tax-Free Goods or the Rationed Goods Scheme.

Dogs on the Seashore

Dental Centre Notice

Smoke Alarms

Registration of Domestic Pets

Child Seats

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

BFC Early Years

Recruitment Adverts Statement

We have made a few changes to the recruitment process to ensure that there is one, equal, process for all locally employed roles.  This means that all roles are first advertised to internal/current staff members (as is the case in the majority of organisations) before they are circulated more widely to external candidates/those who do not currently work for BFC/SBAA.  Due to this and some other internal process changes there has been a lag in external adverts.  However, you should begin to see these, in a new format, over the coming couple of weeks when there is likely to be a large number of job opportunities for you to consider applying fo

All new members of staff will be recruited on new Terms and Conditions (this is anyone who is not currently working for BFC/SBAA). The new Terms and Conditions include pay and grade which are clearly stated on the adverts.

When applying for roles please ensure that you meet the criteria laid out in the advert including Core Competencies, Skills & Experience, Qualifications/Licenses and Requirements.  Unless you can demonstrate that you meet this criteria you will not be invited to interview.

Should you have any queries or would like any advice when applying for roles then please contact a member of the Recruitment Team:

Telephone: 2596 2385/3461/3984/3872