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Friday, 13 July 2018

National Online Safety - Top Tips for Parents

Thrift Shop Closure

Unfortunately the Thrift/Craft/Loan Store will be closed 16-22 July '18.
For any queries please call Debs on 97818018.

Medical Care for family & friends visiting

Joint Service Health Unit

Community Notice-Works by CSP

Kent Crescent (Kensington Estate)-Various Repairs and Resurfacing works.

From Friday the 13th of July 2018, CSP is planning to start the works at Kent Crescent and will be completed by the middle of October.

The work is as follows:
A. Replace existing heavy duty water grill outside 2 Kent Crescent.B. Remove kerbs outside the parking area North of the South Foreland park.C. Replace kerbs & gullies North West of Kent Crescent approx. 375m.D. Replace existing kerbs from 2-10 Kent Crescent also pavement and raise existing reinforced concrete upstand. Cut hedge of approx. 85m for new upstand.E. Additional gully (SF) is required.F. Repointing of existing stone wall starting from 12 Kent Crescent. Raise existing reinforced concrete wall.G. All street lighting posts in the parking lane to be protected with kerbs.H. Milling and resurfacing of Kent Crescent and South Foreland is to be done last and notified in advance.

Please be aware as this may affect you with cars required being moved etc to allow for works to be completed.
For more details please contact ICSP on 2596 2477 (individual letter drop to SFA's to follow from CSP)


Vandalism/ Breaking & Entering/Unauthorised Use of facilities within the Episkopi Community (including the recently upgraded swimming pool) can lead to disciplinary or administrative action.
The Community Support Office, as well as supporting agencies, try to keep community facilities in a safe and suitable state, despite having limited funds; our effort is hampered by those who engage in destructive and irresponsible behaviour. Where damage occurs, it has to be rectified, which means that funds cannot go towards something else for the good and benefit of the community.
Military personnel and civilians subject to Service law, including family dependents and visitors staying in SFA, can be investigated for criminal offences by the Service Police and disciplined under the Service Justice System. In some cases this can lead to prosecution in the Service civilian court, or other measures implemented by the chain of command, including removal of family members from island under HQ BFC J1 Standing Order No. 4 (Behaviour).
In addition, everyone who lives in MOD SFA must comply with the terms of their MOD Licence to Occupy, which prohibits antisocial behaviour, or risk losing their house.
The Community Support Office kindly requests that everyone remembers the need to behave responsibly, to respect their community and neighbours and to remind family members that antisocial or criminal behaviour will not be tolerated. Please report any vandalism or damage to the CSP Help desk on 2596 Ext 2477.

Ante Natal Clinics

Episkopi Station Swimming Pool timetable

Please notice the slight change on the evening lanes( 15mins later) 
Also no lane swim on Tuesday as 1Lancs will be running an Aquabike Competition 

Soon in our pool:

Monday evening CoachLess swim club sessions.

Tuesday morning Baby,toddler and parent swim session.

Episkopi station swimming School. If anyone would like to volunteer to assist with the swim school ,contact the Pool Manager Andros on 99547518.

RLSS Rookie lifeguard scheme ( age 8-12).

Swimming Instructor needed

They need a qualified swimming instructor for Monday afternoons 2pm until 5pm at Episkopi Station Pool beginning Monday 16th July for the duration of 8 weeks . Please text Lynne on 99958903 for more information.

Thursday, 12 July 2018